Drinking titmouse

Drinking titmouse

Size:37x47 cm
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Diamond Painting or Diamond Mosaic - embedding with acrylic stones bariste paintings after the scheme, applied to the canvas, covered with a glue ball. On the vіdmіnu vіd vyshivannya, Almazna Vishivka takes less effort and an hour, and the result, when it comes out, is bright, rich and gleaming.

The set includes: a canvas with a symbolic scheme applied and an adhesive base for laying stones. The symbolic scheme of the beast is covered with plіvkoy. There is a key to the scheme and report instructions, tweezers, an olive with a silicone pad, acrylic square faceted stones, packaged in bags. The set also includes a small plate for handy work with stones. A set of packages in a solid cardboard box, so that the components are safely protected from damage and may look presentable.

In the end of the work, it is recommended to firmly press down on the stones, so that the new fixation is done and the finished work is covered with acrylic varnish.

The robot is ready, looking barvisto and original. The endings of the virib can be vikoristano in the quality of embellishing the interiors of the houses, and in this way you will become an incredible gift.

Chapli at your booth - tse zahist of all your sіm`ї vіd infusion of various evil spirits. To this very reason, Chaplya vikoristovuetsya mainly for the preservation of domestic fire, zahistu budinka, your family traditions and zvichaїv. Chaplya is a personal protector for the most important and intimate things in your homeland.

So Chaplya is often seen as a symbol of the arrival of spring, creative changes, as if they carried it into nature and into our houses. As you have victorious victorious talisman chapel at your booth, be ready for positive changes in the life of all your homeland, even with the arrival of spring, happiness and love will pan at the booth.

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