Under a peaceful sky

Under a peaceful sky

Size:37x29 cm
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We present to you a new TM Kolorova, a collection of blanks for embroidering with beads or threads (cross), as well as in the assortment of the trade mark cholovichі, women and children, blanks for embroidery, towels and pictures. A varied palette is present not only in the logo of the brand, but also the products themselves, which are so diverse and constantly popovnyuetsya.

Under a peaceful sky. The scheme on the fabric for embroidering with beads allows you to create a picture, like bringing a rodinka into the interior of the room.

Non-woven lining, glued. Also, there is a title-key, in which the recommended colors for Preciosa beads and their number are written.

P.S. When bazhanni, our managers can complete with beads.

NOTE: Transmission of colors at the skin monitor is different, so those colors can be adjusted!

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