The image of the Venerable Virgin of Kazan

The image of the Venerable Virgin of Kazan

Size:13.5x17 cm
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A unique set for embroidery of an icon in a frame-icon case, which has no analogues.

Luxurious golden colors, original technology, high-quality components and a frame in the set - all this guarantees a new experience, pleasure from the embroidery process and a spectacular result of the Icon Image of the Reverend Virgin Mary of Kazan. Bead embroidery kit with frame.

The set contains: base (super-strong polymer material Perfostitch with perforation), beads, sew-on stones, beads, bugles, a needle, a needle threader, a thread for sewing on beads, a convenient color-symbolic scheme, instructions, a ready-made frame.

The work is done by sewing on the beads with a back stitch. Before starting work, we recommend that you read the instructions.

The icon in the icon case is a modern and stylish alternative to traditional icons.

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