Size:21x27 cm
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We apply a fabric with a colorful little for embroidering a picture with beads in the form of a Ukrainian weed

Create a picture with Tulips at once. Scheme for embroidery with beads.

Scheme of Tulips to revenge: rewriting of numbers and the necessary weight of beads Preciosa (Czech Republic); colorful druk on the fabric of the Airborne Forces (Ukraine).

The scheme is overlaid on high-density satin satin without gluing with non-woven fabric. The little ones are easy to read, water-resistant, do not use color for an hour.

Embroidery technique: cross stitch.

P.S. Beads are not completed. At your request, our managers will pick up the necessary materials.

Headlines of schemes for embroidery with beads VDV: High quality fabric: satin satin (100% polyester). The fabric is narrower, priemna on dotik, slit, and with it it is easy to pierce with a bare. Such a fabric does not need to be glued with interlining, which makes the process of embroidery more complicated and can be removed for an hour of work. High quality to a friend: farba is not toxic, does not streak with water, does not wander hands and takes its bright colors. All robots are only friends with the professional Japanese mastery. Brilliant design: a great selection of themes, detailed and easy to read color scheme, detailed to improve the rest of the light trends. The symbolic black-and-white paper scheme is added to folding robots. Retelny bead selection: the entire author's canvas of the company VDV ™ is stitched with beads before release, which allows you to choose the color and texture of the bead most relatively.

Vyrobnik proponuє over 400 views, among those skins know the plot to your liking.

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