mountain tistechok

mountain tistechok

Size:21x29 cm
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In everyday life, people embellish dribnitsa. Without them, the apartment looks gloomy, tedious and overwhelmed. The picture becomes the original embellishment. This accessory will give you a special home calm and boost your talent.

Together from Mount Tistechok. Typed for embroidery with a cross, embroidery will become not only a dear hobby, but a right art.

The set of Gora tіstechok includes:

- yakіsna bavovnyana canvas Aida 14;

- bavovnyane floss DMC;


- head;


The Belgian company Vervaco is one of the leaders in the light market with a wide range of sets for needlework: sets for embroidery in the technique of "cross", smoothness, sets for embroidery of bookmarks, bags, sashes, majestic selection of sets for embroidery of pillows and tablecloths, sets for weaving .

TM Vervaco promotes a great selection of embroideries for any taste and color.

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