Ballerina pig

Ballerina pig

Size:17x23 cm
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The eastern calendar, which has recently become very popular, is making its own adjustments to the celebration of winter holidays. On the eve of the celebration, cities are filled with symbols of the coming year from the Chinese horoscope. 2019 will be held under the auspices of a funny animal with a piglet.

The manufacturer of handicrafts Tela Artis did not stand aside and also offers the needlewomen funny original stories with the symbol of the next year.

Embroidered Pig-ballerina. The pattern for embroidery with beads will become a decor or a souvenir for the coming holidays.

Beads are not supplied.

At your request, the managers of our online store will select the necessary materials.

Tela Artis (Tela Artis) - one of the famous manufacturers of goods for embroidery among Ukrainian craftswomen.

Employees of the company choose the highest quality materials, and vivid, impressive stories from this manufacturer are worked out to the smallest detail.

The layout of the schemes is done manually by experienced designers, real professionals in their field. Each scheme is distinguished by a wide palette of bead colors, which gives the embroidered canvas an amazing color and additional volume.

The image of the scheme is printed on a satin, which, due to its density, is perfect as a basis for embroidery with beads. The material is easily pierced with a needle, without sagging and does not require the use of a hoop.

Patterns for embroidery with beads from Tel Artis are easy to read. Even small details can be seen in the image without any problems.

The secret of Tela Artis' company is in the love of their work and the ability to do it well.

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