Budinochok of the sky. Rіzdvyany cottage

Budinochok of the sky. Rіzdvyany cottage

Size:24x34 cm
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Tela Artis (Body Artis) - one of the best selections of products for embroidery of the middle Ukrainian mastrins. The practitioners of the company choose the best materials, and the most striking plots from the source of the collection are processed to rubbish.

Budinochok of the sky. Rizdvyany cottage. The scheme for embroidering with beads is applied on the atlas for embroidering with beads from the Ukrainian collection "Tela Artis" with the original yakistyu druk. The finer details of the image are well looked through, the depth of dark tones is preserved, which gives a sharp contrast with bright beads.

Wrapping technique: nap stitch.

The fabric without work is pierced with a bark and does not stagnate the p'yalets. Given the recommended color of the bead. P.S. Beads are NOT completed. At your request, our managers will complete the scheme with the necessary beads.

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