Size:28x42 cm
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Sunflowers. The scheme for embroidery with beads - there will be no difficulties, and the finished embroidery will delight you with a colorful plot.

Material: gabardine + non-woven.

The drawing is applied to the gabardine glued with a layer of non-woven fabric.

Gabardine is the softest and most pliable fabric for embroidery, on which it is very easy and pleasant to embroider. Gabardine does not resist the needle.

Gabardine has excellent color rendering, so the patterns printed on this material look bright and juicy, and the embroidery will look organic. Due to the structure and composition of the material, the printed circuit will reproduce well all shades of colors and will not be erased over time.

Due to the density of the material, the fabric can easily support the weight of the beads.

Finished embroidery size: 28x42 cm.

The schemes are carefully worked out, smooth transitions of tones and balanced colors of the plots help to create bright and beautiful works that will look beautiful when decorated in almost any interior. P.S. Beads are not supplied. At your request, our managers will complete the scheme with the necessary beads.

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