Kaya Dipper (ARCTIA CAJA) (magnet)

Kaya Dipper (ARCTIA CAJA) (magnet)

Size:14.5x9.5 cm
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A set for laying out with diamond technology from the Ukrainian design studio of Alexei Solovyov ArtSolo is a high-quality set for creating a unique picture.

The set includes: plastic canvas with an adhesive layer, acrylic rhinestones, tweezers, magnet and instructions.

In a set of 1366 pcs. diamonds.

The finished butterfly product will decorate your interior. The magnet can be attached to a refrigerator or any other metal surface.

The bear family owes its name to caterpillars, whose bodies are covered with long dark brown hairs so densely that they seem to be dressed in a bearskin. In most caterpillars of these butterflies, the hairs, collected in tufts-tassels, sit on special projections-warts. Such a cover protects the caterpillars of the bears from enemies. Kaia she-bear is one of the most famous representatives of the bear family. The proboscis of the kaya is underdeveloped, therefore, during its entire short life, this butterfly does not feed.

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