Slavic patterns. Hearts. Christmas ball

Slavic patterns. Hearts. Christmas ball

Size:9x9 cm
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The Ukrainian trade mark Inspiration has managed to establish itself among needlewomen. Kits and patterns for embroidery from this manufacturer won the hearts of many, many craftswomen with the high quality of the materials used and the stunning end result.

The company has developed a series of sets for creating a volumetric ball using the diamond painting technique.

The finished ball can be used as a pendant, decoration or Christmas toy.

Slavic patterns. Hearts. Christmas ball. The diamond painting set is completed with high-quality materials.

The set includes: a plastic blank with a printed circuit and an adhesive layer, round diamonds, packaged in bags (each bag has a special sticker with a color name), a stylus with wax tape.

Also inside you can find detailed instructions, which describe in detail the stages of work and assembly of the ball.

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