Gorobina near the snow

Gorobina near the snow

Size:33x40 cm
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A canvas with a small print is a good option for embroidery buds. As the basis of the wyrobnik of the Light of Possibilities, the vicorist canvas is Aida 14.

Gorobina in the snow. The canvas with the little one applied is an unprepossessing plot, weaving on this canvas, it will become more vivid and original. You won’t take a lot of time, but bring a sense of lightness, lift your spirits, enchant, stupefy with calm pastel colors.

Complete set of Gorobina near the snow: Aida14 canvas with a small print; decoding on a thread of floss: DMC, Anchor, Finca, Madeira, Gamma, PNK im.Kirov; scheme; instruction.

Schemes are carefully implemented, smooth transitions of tones and balanced colors of plots help to create bright and beautiful robots, as if they will be older in a decorated look practical in any interior. P.S. Threads are not included. At your request, our managers can pick up the necessary materials.

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