St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Size:18x21 cm
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St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The pattern on the fabric for embroidery with beads is applied to a satin fabric, duplicated with two layers of non-woven fabric. Together with such a scheme, you will get an excellent colorful icon using the technique of beadwork.

Among the people, Saint Nicholas is revered as a saint endowed with special grace. This is largely due to the fact that, according to the church charter, every Thursday of the week, along with the holy apostles, the church offers prayers to St. Nicholas, Archbishop Mir of Lycia, the miracle worker.

The design is completed with: pearl beads; gold bugles; decorative elements.

P.S. Additions to the scheme - not included.

Beads - not supplied. At your request, our managers will select the scheme.

For bead embroidery patterns, a curvilinear technique is used. This technology, in contrast to the traditional "monastery seam", when the embroidery is done in rows, is able to emphasize many of the nuances of the picture being depicted. Designs using this technique are very expressive.

Marychka is a well-known manufacturer specializing in the production of kits and patterns for embroidery with beads of icons and paintings, as well as kits for embroidery with ribbons.

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