Blessing tree

Blessing tree

Size:28x28 cm
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Thanks to the Tree Blessing embroidery kit from Charivna Mit, you can create a beautiful amulet for your home. Such a blessing-amulet can be placed at the entrance to the house, and let the tree attract happiness, love, peace, health, wealth and other human values to you. Also, this embroidery will serve as a wonderful gift for housewarming, wedding, or any other occasion.

The tree blessing set. Charivna Mit includes: instruction, color symbolic scheme, Aida 18 canvas, Madeira floss - 6 colors, Preciosa Ornela beads (Czech Republic) - 3 colors and needles - 2 pcs.

Charivna Mity is a Ukrainian manufacturer of handicraft products, which has won the trust of many needlewomen.

Under the TM Charivna Mit, a large number of sets and patterns for embroidery of various embroidery techniques, sets for creativity are produced, among which everyone can choose a set to their liking. The assortment is designed for a wide range of consumers - from beginners to experienced needlewomen. Charivna Mit's products are completed only with high quality and environmentally friendly materials, which will bring a pleasure to work with.

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