Kvitkov cold

Kvitkov cold

Size:20.5x30 cm
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Paintings with flowers are deservedly popular in interior design. The stench brings the scent of spring. And the embroidered fabric will add not only individuality to the life, but also fill it with the warmth of the master’s hands.

An unexpected story with frosty frosting will make you relish it.

Schemes on the fabric for embroidery with beads from the company "PDV" overruled on satin. The fabric is narrower, priemna on dotik, slit, and with it it is easy to pierce with a bare. In addition, it will not require gluing with interlining, making the embroidery process easier.

For your good fortune, a victorist's vineyard with modern technology is a little thing. Zavdyaki detailed prorobtsi, you do not have any problems with reading the circuit. Druk is a yaskrava, the contours and colors are not spread, the place for piercing the head is clearly marked. The image is applied with a careless farboi, which is not washed away by water and saves its color.

Beads are not completed.

For your request, our managers will pick up the necessary materials.

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