Lord Almighty

Lord Almighty

Size:11.5x15.5 cm
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Icons in the life of Orthodox believers have a special place and honor. The faces of the patron saints remind of the path they have traveled and thereby give an example of a righteous life to the people they patronize. Do-it-yourself icons have especially effective power.

Create a beautiful embroidered icon with the Lord Almighty. Bead embroidery kit.

The set for embroidery of the icon the Lord Almighty includes:

perforated wooden base with a printed circuit;

wooden overhead frame, stand;

beads Preciosa No. 10 Czech Republic;

needle, thread for beads;

prayer and description of the icon;

plastic box.

With the help of a special wooden stand, you can very conveniently place the embroidered icon very easily.

The Ukrainian trade mark Inspiration has managed to establish itself among needlewomen. Kits and patterns for embroidery from this manufacturer won the hearts of many, many craftswomen with the high quality of the materials used and the stunning end result.

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