Perfume No. 2

Perfume No. 2

Size:9.5x11 cm
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Kit for embroidering a picture with beads using artistic techniques.

To embroider this work, the VDV company recommends using the technique of criss-crossing and “attaching” (or a “back to the head” seam): prick 2 beads onto the head. It is recommended to pass through the large-sized beads naked.

The set includes:

• color author's friend of the Airborne Forces on fabric,

• beads No. 8, 10, as well as mother-of-pearl beads ∅4 mm (side) Preciosa (Czech Republic),

• acrylic threads,

• head Pony (India) or Acre No. 10 (Czech Republic),

• satin stitching,

• short instruction.

The pattern is overlaid on a high-quality, high-value fabric (satin) with a combination of modern technologies, to prevent the transfer of numbers to beads and waxes.

The little one is detailed, easy to read, covered with a safe paper that does not wash off with water and preserves its color.

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