Kulya Biryuzova Zirka 2

Kulya Biryuzova Zirka 2

Size:27x30 cm
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Scheme on gabardine Kulya Biryuzov Zirka 2. Scheme for embroidering with beads from the Ukrainian vine Artis Artis with the original yakistya druk. The scheme is marked with a report cover instruction from embroidery and selection of a yalink kuli, as it will help you to easily and quickly make such a name-beautiful embellishment with your own hands.

Rozmir canvases from blanks 27x30 cm, the ball is sewn from 6 parts. Rosemary ready kuli 10 cm.

Shvi kuli can be decorated with a stitch, a cord or namistins. The stitching of the slip is simple, it is done manually.

A universal instruction is added for embroidering with beads. Fabric without work is pierced with a bark and does not stop the stitching.

NOTE: It is NOT completed with beads. At your request, our managers will complete the scheme with the necessary beads.

Bead decoding (Preciosa):

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