Saints Peter and Fevronya

Saints Peter and Fevronya

Size:13x10 cm
Manufacturer:Nova Stitch
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The Nova Sloboda company presents a series of icon embroidery kits with an embroidered frame. In this series of sets: the face is not embroidered, but only the frame in the shape of a cat is embroidered. This design technique allowed us to release in a series of rare icons for handicraft kits - “Rostov” icons, in which saints are depicted in their new age or sitting on the throne.

The basis of the set, an image with an embroidered frame, is made from a special material - polymer fabric with special metal coatings. The embroidery pattern is perforated on the material, which ensures ease and comfort in work. The metallic coating creates the effect of resembling church images - the faces and clothes shine and glow silently.

The company has developed two options for placing the finished icon: it can be installed horizontally - on a table or table; another option is vertical to the wall, door, or other vertical surface. You can also hang icons above the door.

Saints Peter and Fevronya. A kit for embroidery with beads with a frame-case contains: the front part-base with perforation according to the pattern; reverse part of the icon; beads Preciosa Ornela (Czech Republic); sewn stones; head; instructions; color-character scheme.

Saints Peter and Fevronya are a symbol of the Holy Family. I pray to him, with good fortune: for Sweden’s marriage or friendship; Prosperous conception, healthy gestation and pregnancy; Sisters of true love; Good fruits and undying love in the family; Removal of welds and difficulties in hundred-year-olds.

For more than twelve years now, the Ukrainian collection of goods for needlework NOVA SLOBODA (Nova Sloboda) helps the craftsmen to create their own masterpieces with their own hands.

Soak in the original and unique world of needlework in Novaya Sloboda!

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