magic tree

magic tree

Size:21x28 cm
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Set for embroidering a picture from the Ukrainian virobnik

warehouse set include:

- colorful author's friend on the new soft single "Becky"

- floss acrylic on organizer or on plastic bobbins

- Pony head (India)

- scheme

- short instruction.

The scheme is printed on a new, thin fabric "Becky" with the best modern technologies. Benefits of "Becky" fabric:

- It is easy to embroider on it. The head should pass across the arc smoothly, parallel with a thin natural canvas.

- Embroidery can be some kind of technique (singing a cross, a cross, a smooth surface, as well as all types of decorative seams).

- Equal interweaving of fibers allows you to vicorist various materials: beads, threads, sequins and others.

- Optimum width - the thread on the fabric is good and does not stretch.

- Druk on the fabric comes out more clear and thick.

- It’s already received on the dotik, which turns the embroidery into satisfaction.

- If the dressing does not waste its ugliness and appearance, the dressing does not deprive itself of the usual traces.

- The fabric does not wrinkle and does not stretch when embroidered.

The little one is described in detail, given a carefree farboi that does not streak with water and takes care of its color.

Yakіsnі materials guarantee you satisfaction in embroidery, and the result will definitely please you.

Yaskrave magical tree with owls, symbols of wisdom, become one of your favorite robots. In addition, the owl symbolizes erudition, reputation and wisdom, which protects against irrational penny deposits.

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