Magic tree

Magic tree

Size:21x28 cm
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Embroidery kit for paintings from the Ukrainian manufacturer

The set includes:

- color author's print on the new soft blank "Becky"

-mouline acrylic on an organizer or on plastic bobbins

- Pony needle (India)

- scheme

- short instructions.

The diagram is printed on the new, thick "Becky" fabric using modern printing technologies. Benefits of Becky fabric:

-It is easy to embroider on it. The needle goes through very smoothly, compared to dense natural canvas.

-You can embroider with any technique (half-cross, cross, satin stitch, as well as all kinds of decorative seams).

-Uniform weaving of fibers allows the use of various materials: beads, threads, sequins, etc.

- Optimum density - the thread fits well on the fabric and does not tighten it.

- The print on the fabric is clearer and more saturated.

- Very pleasant to the touch, which makes embroidery a pleasure.

- After finishing it does not lose its qualities and appearance, the dressing does not leave any traces behind.

- The fabric does not wrinkle or stretch when embroidering.

The drawing is worked out in detail, applied with safe paint, is not washed off with water and retains its color.

Quality materials ensure you enjoy your embroidery, and the result is sure to please.

A bright magic tree with owls, symbols of wisdom, will become one of your favorite works. In addition to the fact that the owl symbolizes erudition, reputation and wisdom, it also protects against irrational financial investments.

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