Towel Velikodniy on satin

Towel Velikodniy on satin

Size:60x37 cm
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We present to you a new TM Kolorova, a collection of blanks for embroidering with beads or threads (cross), as well as in the assortment of the trade mark cholovichі, women and children, blanks for embroidery, towels and pictures. A varied palette is present not only in the logo of the brand, but also the products themselves, which are so diverse and constantly popovnyuetsya.

Towel of the Great Year on satin. Blank for embroidery with beads or threads. The Great Day is the most holy day for the Christians of the whole world. And getting ready for this great day is possible by stretching the mustache fate. Especially, Christmas embellishment will be important to show without a towel.

The towel is lined with non-woven fabric. For clarity, embroidery is a towel of overlays. Also, there is a title key in the recommended color for Preciosa beads and threads for DMC floss, its quantity. The virobnik retains the right to change the colors of beads or threads.

P.S. When you buy our managers can complete with beads and threads.

NOTE: Transmission of colors at the skin monitor is different, so those colors can be adjusted!

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