Sixteen eight (Callicore eunomia) (magnet)

Sixteen eight (Callicore eunomia) (magnet)

Size:14.5x10 cm
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A set for laying with diamond technology from the Ukrainian design studio Oleksiy Solovyova ArtSolo The eighth eighth is the final set for creating a unique picture.

The set includes: plastic canvas with glue ball, acrylic rhinestones, tweezers, magnet and instructions.

Ready virib-blizzard to decorate your interior. Magnet, creations for additional set in diamond technology Vіsіmdyat eighth can be attached to the refrigerator, or be it another metal surface.

The fatherland of this type of metelikiv is Pivdenna America - Brazil, Guyana, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru. The stench lives for the most part in tropical forests at an altitude of 200-800 m above the sea level. Often zustrіchayutsya near the human life. The wingspan of krill metelikiv reaches up to 30-40 mm. As a rule, these blizzards trap alone. The stench can be swept and hard aired, fly over for short flights and often hang out on ships, moorings or on the walls of the bungalows.

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