Zimova silence

Zimova silence

Size:39x28 cm
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Pattern for embroidery with beads from TM "Kolorova". The pattern is over-armed on a yellow gabardine white color and covered with non-woven fabric. The pattern is clear with rich colors and high brightness. Before the patterns for embroidery, a key is provided in which instructions recommend the color of beads and the number of beads.

Embroidery technique: cross stitch (tapestry stitch).

Virobnik recommends choosing numbers and colors of beads from Preciosa.

Important! The pattern is not supplied with beads. At your request, our managers will additionally complete the circuit with the necessary beads.

TM "Kolorova" has the power to manufacture and promotes a great selection of patterns and blanks for embroidery with beads and threads. The name “Kolorova” was not chosen casually, and even the embellished speeches not only embellish our calls, but also add value to our lives, rouging our souls.

I would like to please all of us so that our life is as colorful as embroidery!

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