Mystery Supper

Mystery Supper

Size:33x60 cm
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A canvas with a small print is a good option for embroidery buds. And for dosvіdchenih majstrins - tse mozhlivіst vіdpochiti vіd folding processes. Drawing on the canvas of little ones allows you to hang a picture, without vikoristovuyuchi schemes, and without going into the technique of "lichilny cross". Together with such a canvas, you can embroider in places, unhandily lay out the scheme (for example, in a fly, on a beach). I embroidered in more short terms in pairs with embroidered in the “little cross” technique.

In the basis of the wyrobnik of the Light of Possibilities, vicorist canvas - Aida 14. The whole fabric is made of interweaving threads 4x4 and clearly curved squares. On such a canvas, the crosses look always equal and beautiful. And you can embroider your zhorstkost on it without stitches, which will also make it easier for the work of the mastrins.

In robots from the Last Supper. We'll draw a canvas with a little *,* not vynikne nіyakikh folds, but the embroidery is ready to please with a bright plot.

Uvaga: a paper scheme is not added to the complete set. The scheme can only be given in electronic form at your request.

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