Yalinka toys. Snigovichki

Yalinka toys. Snigovichki

Size:20x30 cm
Manufacturer:Classic Design
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Classic Design is a German company producing embroidery products. Highly flexible, compliant with European standards - this is why handicraftsmen love the products of this company. Among the obvious designs, you can easily choose and buy a set for cross stitch. A series of presented sets includes images of animals, flower compositions, and plot paintings. Your work will become a great gift for any celebration or to brighten up your home.

Buy Classic Design cross stitch kits – easy and practical. In one set you receive fabric for embroidery, floss threads, a head, color scheme and instructions.

Yalinka toys. Snigovichki. Set for cross-stitch embroidery to help create a set of beautiful and original pendants with embroidery.

warehouse set of Yalinka toys. Snow girls include: Darice canvas 14 plastic slit, embroidered floss DMC (France) on the organizer, color scheme, head, instructions.

Materials are covered for a set of 6 toys.

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