New medical specialist

New medical specialist

Size:14x17 cm
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New Vedmedic Set for embroidering with threads - a good option for embroidery buds.

And for dosvіdchenih majstrins - tse mozhlivіst vіdpochiti vіd folding processes.

Povna Skrinya presents a series of sets for embroidering with a cross stitch, which are inspired by simple simple plots and the simplicity of embroidering. Zavdyaki to our small size and put a little on the canvas, be it a beginning needlewoman, you can try your hand at embroidering with a cross. Such sets are recommended for children. The stench will help the little mastrins reach the world of needlework.

As a warp base, vicorist canvas Aida 16.

In a children's collection, a set of Novych bear. Set for embroidering with threads to enter everything necessary for creating a beautiful bright picture: a canvas with a little applied; floss threads - acrylic yarn; head.

Warehouse fabric: 100% polyester (5.5 cl per cm).

Size of fabric: 14x19 cm.

Rosemary baby: 7x10 cm (+-1.5 cm).

Ukrainian weaver Povna Skrinya offers a wide range of products for embroidery.

The main direct way of TM Povna Skrinya is the creation of schemes for embroidery of icons. They can be like miniatures, so they can be re-sized robots, vikonan on polyester. The company's products are not limited by religious motives.

Goods will please lovers, like embroidered threads, so with beads. You can choose a skin or choose a scheme for embroidering to your liking.

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