Do not kidding ME

Do not kidding ME

Size:62x42.5 cm
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We present you a new TM Kolorova, which is a manufacturer of blanks for embroidery with beads or threads (cross stitch), as well as men's, women's and children's blanks for embroidery, towels and paintings in the assortment of this brand. The multi-colored palette is present not only in the logo of the brand, but their products themselves are just as diverse and constantly replenished.

Do not kidding ME. The scheme on the fabric for embroidery with beads will allow you to create a picture that will bring zest to the interior of the room.

Interlining is glued. There is also a title-key, which contains the recommended colors of Preciosa beads and their quantity.

P.S. If desired, our managers can complete with beads.

NOTE: Color reproduction varies from monitor to monitor, so some colors may vary!

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