Fluffy tiger. Fight me

Fluffy tiger. Fight me

Size:15x20 cm
Manufacturer:Tela Artis
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Tela Artis (Body Artis) - one of the best selections of products for embroidery of the middle Ukrainian mastrins. The practitioners of the company choose the best materials, and the most striking plots from the source of the collection are processed to rubbish.

Fluffy tiger. Fight me. Procurement for creativity with embroidered beads allow you to create an accessory or a toy, as if you will become an embellishment or a practical helper, and you will be pleased with more than one river.

Vikonnanny technique: vіlna. The image is identical, mirrored.

Size of the image: 80x125 mm. Enter two images.

From this blank, you can make: a yalinka toy; pouch for scissors/nippers; gift envelope; lining for passport and notepad; two leaflets; two kilims for needlework.

In order to make a figured toy, you need: to make one part figuredly; virіzati another part about the same; take two parts, add; sheathe the edge with beads; fill it up; sew on a pidviska.

In order to make an oval toy, you need: to make an oval for paper; according to the paper pattern, you can see the details of velor; sew details for additional beads; fill it up; sew on a pidviska.

In order to create a lining for your passport, you need to: view a picture; glue on the finished lining.

In order to create a leaflet, you need to: view a picture; stick with glue on cardboard; zrobiti wrote.

In order to make a sheath for a knife, you need: sheathe two halves of a sheathed okremo.

Note: to walk on a different type of knife.

In order to make a pouch for a wire cutter, you need: sheathe two halves of a trimmed edge.

Note: wire cutters 100x65 mm are placed on top.

The edges of the velor do not sag and can be worn out without trimming. When sewing the details of the fabric, you can sew with a seam over the edge or with seams with beads (options for stitching on the workpiece). Velor is more comfortable for robots with sequins, beads and namistins.

UVAGA: there are no signs for sewing on beads on the workpiece.

P.S. Beads are NOT completed. Our managers will pick up the necessary materials for your request. The toy can be created without embellishment with beads or embellished with a free technique.

The secret of the Artis Body company is in love for one's work and in mine work and goodness.

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