Saint Reverend Photinia (Svetlana)

Saint Reverend Photinia (Svetlana)

Size:24x24 cm
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The diagram on the satin for embroidery with beads from the Ukrainian manufacturer Tela Artis with excellent print quality. Fine details of the image are clearly visible, the depth of dark tones is preserved, which gives a beautiful contrast with bright beads.

The fabric is easily pierced with a needle and does not require the use of a hoop. Beads are not supplied. At your request, our managers will complete the scheme with the necessary beads.

The Great Martyr Svetlana escaped during a storm and sailed to the rock where Blessed Martinian asceticised. He told Svetlana about life on the rock, that a shipman visits him three times a year, blessed the girl, left her bread and water and threw himself into the sea. Dolphins helped him reach the ground.

After a while, a shipman arrived, brought bread and water to Martinian, and found a woman on a rock. Svetlana decided to stay on the rock, only asked the shipman to bring her men's clothing and wool for needlework.

After six years of living on the rock, spent in daily prayers, Svetlana died.

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