Yalinkova igrushka. Snizhne happy

Yalinkova igrushka. Snizhne happy

Size:10 cm
Manufacturer:Tela Artis
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Tela Artis (Body Artis) - one of the best selections of products for embroidery of the middle Ukrainian mastrins. The practitioners of the company choose the best materials, and the most striking plots from the source of the collection are processed to rubbish.

The layout of the schemes is carried out manually by certified designers, qualified professionals in their own right. The skin scheme is inspired by a wide palette of colors for beads, which gives the embroidered canvas a marvelous barveness and additional volume.

Yalinkova game. Snow happy. The pattern for embroidery with beads will allow you to create a Christmas decoration that will become an embellishment that will not fade away, in the name of cursed eggplant toys, and will delight you more than once.

Wrapping technique: nap stitch.

P.S. Beads are not completed. At your request, the managers of our online store will pick up the necessary materials.

Schemes for embroidery with beads from Body Artis are good to read. In the image, you can see the details without any problems.

The secret of the Artis Body company is in love for one's work and in mine work and goodness.

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