Merezhivo spring. 26x25 cm

Merezhivo spring. 26x25 cm

Size:26x25 cm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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Now is the time - spring beauty, underwear, flowers, nastennya, we are naked in the presence of a navkolishny kvіtnik. Refine yourself with Eden. This abundance of fragrant flowers, like you invariably notice, less when you look at the picture, and in your own mind lean in the Garden of Eden, so that the lower aroma will calm down.

We present to your respects Merezhiva Vesni. Kit for cross stitch embroidery (AN-106).

To the warehouse, the set for embroidering with the cross of Merezhiv spring from the Ukrainian weaving Abris Art includes: Aida 14 canvas of the European weaving (white color), natural bavovna - 36x35 cm; high-yielding bavovnya floss Weber Handarbeit (Nimechchina) - 41 colors, 92 m.; needles for embroidery; symbolic scheme-instruction. P.S. The collection is not completed with a baguette and a frame - choose them to your taste!

Set for embroidering with the cross of Merezhiv spring, let you embroider a plot that will please you with rich farbs. Such a picture will surely please the eye.

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