One second "before"

One second

Size:28x30 cm
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The basis of each of the works that you create with AbrisArt is a natural art canvas similar to the one on which artists paint. Thanks to him, all the elements that the artist created, creating a picture, based on which a scheme for embroidery was developed, are transmitted with maximum accuracy.

Together with a second "before". Set for embroidery with beads (AB-853), you will receive a stylish element of your interior that will decorate your home and bring a touch of brightness to your interior.

The set A second "before" includes: a natural art canvas with a printed image-scheme; Preciosa beads (Czech Republic); needles for embroidery with beads; microbeads No. 13; microbead needle; beads - seed beads Preciosa No. 6 (22pcs); bugles - two types (15 pieces); decorative stones (glass: hemisphere shape - (3 pcs.), rondel shape - three types (160 pcs.), bicone shape - two types (40 pcs.); detailed instructions.

P.S. The kits are not completed with threads for embroidery with beads and baguettes, without mat - choose them according to your taste!

The work can be varnished and there will be no need to cover them with glass!

In the kit for embroidery with beads from the Ukrainian manufacturer Abris Art you will find everything you need to create a beautiful picture using the technique of embroidery with beads.

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