New Chobitok

New Chobitok

Size:28x32 cm
Manufacturer:Crystal Art
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For needlewomen, being sacred is the reason to engage in creativity. Zimova is holy, no blame.

Although in our region it is still customary to buy gifts and find them in the arms of fluffy yalinka, gradually in the booths there are a variety of gifts that are becoming extremely popular in Europe and foreign countries. there is. This gift wrapping can often be found in stores among other new goods, or as decorative elements.

New boy. The cross stitch embroidery kit allows you to create a Christmastide accessory with your own hands.

Recruiting more staffing with the necessary materials of high quality.

In Novorichny Chobitok. Crystal Art includes: color scheme, Aida canvas 16, Bestex floss - 17 colors, Preciosa Ornela beads (Czech Republic) - 1 color, satin stitch - 1 color, felt - 1 color, stencil, heads, reporting instructions, wipe I suffer, You can easily create a miracle picture.

The work is embroidered with stitches: cross, back neck.

A collection of sets for embroidery Crystal Art is intended for lovers of embroidery of new, modern and old art.

The assortment of embroidery kits TM Krystal Art can boast of a great number of different stylish, minimalist, and at the same time intense subjects.

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