Magnificent egg Chervoni Tulipi, 9 x 13 cm

Magnificent egg Chervoni Tulipi, 9 x 13 cm

Size:9x13 cm
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Set for embroidery with beads, decorative grand egg from TM "Olanta". The pattern of the little ones, over-armed on fabric, the pattern is printed with rich colors and a high brush.

The set includes: fabric with a printed pattern; rhinestones and rhinestone stitch; oxamite strichka ta namistini; cardboard, padding polyester, and felt; plastic stand for virobu; Czech Preciosa beads of required quantity; 2 heads for embroidery with beads; threads for embroidery with beads for the required period; Instructions

Embroidery technique: cross stitch (tapestry stitch).;

Size: 9x13 cm;

Olanta is a Ukrainian distributor of handicraft products. The company began its creative activity in 2010. Over the course of many years of fruitful and fruitful work, the products were initially produced under the TM “Paintings with Beads”. Today's products are known far beyond the borders of our native Ukraine, they love us, they admire us. We are grateful to each of our customers, clients, as a good friend! The fates of the robots passed in a single creative process. We are not complacent about what we have achieved, we are boldly moving forward, steadily creating new projects and embroideries. At the end of 2015, we successfully launched a new product line: kits for embroidery with threads under the OLANTA trademark. For us, the beginning of another, new creative path. It’s beautiful and cool with us! We are working for you!

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