Budinka on the pagorbi St. Kandinsky

Budinka on the pagorbi St. Kandinsky

Size:36x47 cm
Manufacturer:Quick tapestry
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Vasyl Kandinsky - Russian artist and art theorist. On the other hand, with the help of color and shape, you can not only convey moods, but in general you can get into the soul of a person.

A set for embroidery of a picture includes a canvas with a baby, yarn, a needle and an instruction.

As a base, the German stramin Zweigart is victorious - just a plain canvas. On the new one there is already a color scheme with exact color combinations with canvas threads. There is a small square of color on the skin lining, it is even easier to embroider. You do not need to vvazhat stibki, vypryvayut pardons, doubts, stіbok what color itself is necessary to put in a specific place of embroidery. The picture is embroidered with a semi-cross applied yarn (polished acrylic 100%). Ready embroidery needs to be stretched onto cardboard and inserted into a frame.

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