Quiet love

Quiet love

Size:9x13 cm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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Set for creation of proportion in the technique of embroidering with beads. In the core of the base for embroidery, the AbrisArt fabricator contains a vikorist natural artistic canvas with a small applied pattern (pattern), which separates the whole set from anything else.

The leather kit for embroidery with beads of the order under the TM "AbrisArt" includes: Preciosa beads (Czech Republic); an artistic canvas with a painted pattern (scheme); head for embroidery with beads; decorative clothespin; twine (motuzka - thin thread, twisted from natural fibers); Instructions

Respect! Embroidery threads are not included in the set!

A great ensign, embroidered with beads, can be hung in anyone, to the most unsatisfied place, to tell your other half about your khan. This will be a wonderful gift before Valentine's Day or for any other romantic occasion.

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