Chubby tiger. Dream

Chubby tiger. Dream

Size:15x15 cm
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Tela Artis (Tela Artis) - one of the famous manufacturers of goods for embroidery among Ukrainian craftswomen. Employees of the company choose the highest quality materials, and vivid, impressive stories from this manufacturer are worked out to the smallest detail.

Chubby tiger. Dream. This blank for creativity with beadwork will allow you to create a toy that will become an ornament and will delight you for more than one year or a wonderful gift.

Image size: d -8 cm. Two images are included.

The sides of the blank for creating a Christmas tree toy are identical, mirrored.

In order to make a round toy with a pendant, you need to: cut out two parts; combine; sew around the perimeter with a seam over the edge, or a seam with beads (the seam is given on the workpiece); fill with filler; sew on a loop.

ATTENTION: there are no icons for sewing on beads on the workpiece.

P.S. Beads are not supplied. At your request, our managers will select the necessary materials. The toy can be created without beading or decorated using free technique.

The secret of Tela Artis' company is in the love of one's work and the ability to do it well.

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