Still life with daffodils

Still life with daffodils

Size:40x30 cm
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In 2020, the TM VDV brand became one of the most popular collections of sets for embroidery and creativity in Ukraine, the collection offers over 400 types of patterns, among which leathers you will find a plot to your liking.

Scheme Still life with daffodils to take revenge: fabric with an over-armed baby of the Airborne Forces (Ukraine); black and white symbolic scheme (for large or folding robots).

Embroidery technique: cross stitch.

Important! Beads are not included. At your request, our managers will select the necessary materials.

The main features of patterns for embroidery with beads TM VDV: Highly flexible fabric: satin satin (100% polyester). The fabric is very clear, flexible, thick, and easily pierced by a needle. Such fabric does not require gluing with non-woven fabric, which is a simple embroidery process and can be woven during operation. High acidity: farba is non-toxic, does not wash off with water, does not irritate your hands and retains its bright color. All robots fight only in professional Japanese language. Blenderness to design: great choice of themes, detailed and easy to read color scheme, structured in accordance with other lighting trends. The folding robots are supplemented with a symbolic black-and-white paper diagram. Careful selection of beads: the entire original canvas of the VDV™ company is completely stitched with beads before release, which allows you to select the colors and texture of the beads as carefully as possible.

Create pictures at once from the diagram with the applied colored paint for embroidering pictures with beads from the Ukrainian embroidery machine

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