Size:27x37.5 cm
Manufacturer:Bead Patterns
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Patterns for embroidery with beads from the Ukrainian embroidery pattern. Pictures with beads are embroidered on fabric (gabardine on non-woven fabric) and firmly applied with paint - a pattern for embroidery with beads. Equipped with reporting instructions. Beads are not included.

The embroidery machine can pick up beads for embroidery on its own, or use a color card: in the set, you will find the numbers of recommended colors for Preciosa beads from the designated quantity and bag.

At your request, our managers can complete the circuit with the required beads.

A non-violent leaflet, growing practically on a skin flower bed, but charming with its beauty does not deprive you of baiduji. The picture is reminiscent of bright farbs and the scent of summer.

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