Bright colors

Bright colors

Size:12x12 cm
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Let the embroidered paintings not smell, the stench will not wither, every day is a joy to the eye. If you have a desire to create your own apartment or decorate the room with something more romantic, light and sparkling, embroidery will help you with this.

The most subtle motif will appear in interiors in the style of Provence or shabby chic, in vintage and classic interiors.

The set includes:

• colorful druk on the fabric of the Airborne Forces (Ukraine),

• Preciosa beads (Czech Republic),

• threads Tytan 100 Ariadna (Poland),

• head Pony (India) or Acre No. 10 (Czech Republic),

• b/w rahunkov scheme,

• short instruction.

Before sets with a bag of beads, over 250 rubles. add an adhesive interlining to strengthen the embroidery.

The pattern is made on a high-quality, high-quality fabric (satin) with the use of modern technologies to prevent the transfer of numbers and the use of human beads.

The little one is detailed, easy to read, covered with a safe paper that does not wash off with water and preserves its color.

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