The magic of the night

The magic of the night

Size:18x32 cm
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For more than twelve years now, the Ukrainian manufacturer of handicraft goods NOVA SLOBODA has been helping craftswomen create real masterpieces with their own hands.

The magic of the night. A set for embroidery with beads is a picture that will delight the eye and fit into any interior, as well as take its rightful place in any cozy room.

The kit contains all the necessary components for a comfortable and pleasant embroidery process: a satin with a printed pattern for embroidery; Slovenska Busa beads; Ornela Preciosa beads (Czech Republic); a needle for embroidery with beads; thread for beads; instructions.

The work is done by sewing on the beads with a back stitch.

The range of goods presented in the catalog of the company Nova Sloboda is quite extensive, it contains: sets for embroidery with threads; kits for embroidery with beads; sets for sewing dolls and more.

Through the efforts of the company's creative specialists, the assortment is regularly replenished.

The theme of TM NOVA SLOBODA works is also amazing. Among the many original plots, you will find paintings with urban motives, genre pictures and female images, children's themes, animals, insects and butterflies, as well as many other motives.

Plunge into the original and unique world of needlework with Novaya Sloboda!

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