Size:20x24.6 cm
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A set of diamond mosaics (diamond painting) from the Ukrainian design studio Oleksia Solovyova ArtSolo is a perfect set for creating a painting that will become a wonderful decor for your interior or a gift for a loved one.

Diamond painting (diamond mosaic or diamond embroidery) is the creation of paintings with different color rhinestones following a diagram applied to a canvas with a glued base. The pattern of the baby is applied to the base for each color of the meaning with a song symbol, a letter or a number.

The picture is ready to appear three-dimensionally beyond the frame of the pyramidal-shaped rhinestones, which have sparkling edges. Shimmering in the light, the rhinestones add a sparkle, thereby preserving the clear little image, despite its intensification of the color scheme.

The set of diamond painting from TM "ArtSolo" includes: a plastic base with a printed pattern and a glue ball; plastic rhinestones; tweezers or stylus; wax for laying; Instructions

Zavdyaks for the sake of materials and stories, you take satisfaction, as in the process of work, so in the finished result.

At the end of the work, it is recommended to firmly press the stone to the base to ensure permanent fixation and cover the finished work with acrylic varnish.

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