My Ukraine

My Ukraine

Size:30x42 cm
Manufacturer:Tela Artis
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Tela Artis (Body Artis) is one of the best selections of goods for embroidering medium Ukrainian mastrins. The practitioners of the company choose the most basic materials themselves, and the most striking plots from the same collection are processed to rubbish.

Such is the picture of My Ukraine. Set for embroidery with beads will delight the eye and not deprive anyone of the bait. Fascinating, bewitching, sweetly picked up by the din and grafted by a little one, the picture.

Together with the Artis Body set, you will take away the original embellishment of the interior.

Before the My Ukraine set includes: scheme on gabardine; Czech beads with a margin; beaded heads.

P.S. The collection is not completed with a baguette and passe-partout - choose them to your taste!

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