Icon of Christ the Savior

Icon of Christ the Savior

Size:27x36 cm
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Icon Icon of Christ the Savior. Type for embroidery with a cross to allow you to create an icon, on which a religious scene is shown. You carry a clear emotional message. Hanging icons, by your will, robish krok nazustrіch vіrі with your hands.

Leather set of TM Olanta is completed with the necessary materials for creating a beautiful canvas.

At the set of the Icon of Christ the Savior enter: a needle for embroidery with threads; black-and-white scheme of color symbols; canvas Aida 16 color ivory; beads No. 12-13 (Czech Republic); floss DMC.

For a long time, if it were home-made needlework, including embroidery, vicory was made to adorn the life. The past paintings in the interior have not lost their relevance today.

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