Pіdvіska Snіguronka. Nova stitch. Set for embroidery with beads

Pіdvіska Snіguronka. Nova stitch. Set for embroidery with beads

Size:8x13 cm
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Pіdvіska Snіguronka Nova Sloboda Set for embroidering with beads - this is a two-sided figurine, as it is embroidered on a perforated base with beads and decorated with namistin and sewn-on stones

The set of Pіdvіska Snіguronka includes: perforated base Perfostitch; beads; sewn stone; neck; thread puller; instruction; color-symbol scheme

You can embellish bags, backpacks, pouch, add farb to the car or to the phone

The axis is already more than twelve years old.

The range of products presented in the catalog of the company Nova Sloboda is great, to avenge: sets for embroidery with threads; sets for embroidery with beads; sets for sewing lyalok and other

Through the efforts of creative fahivtsiv of the company, the assortment is regularly replenished

The theme of TM NOVA SLOBODA also opposes the midst of impersonal original plots, you will know paintings with mіsk motives, genre pictures and images of women, childish themes, creatures, coma and metelikіv, as well as impersonal other motives

Soak in the original and unique world of needlework in Novaya Sloboda!

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