Crystal Angel

Crystal Angel

Size:26x36 cm
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Marychka is a leading maker who specializes in the selection of goods for embroidery with beads and stitches, sets for embroidery with beads of icons and paintings, as well as sets for embroidery with stitches.

The company does not stand on the spot and tries to constantly expand the assortment, delighting Ukrainian embroidery machines with new sets and schemes for embroidery.

Crystal angel. The scheme on the fabric for embroidery with beads allows you to create a picture, like bringing a rodinka into the interior of the room. Schemes for embroidering with beads from the Ukrainian weaver Marychka embroidered on high-yoke fabric, dubbed with a ball of non-woven fabric. Drawn on an atlas. For your convenience, on the scheme for embroidery, there are recommended colors for beads Preciosa Ornela (Czech Republic) and Airborne Forces, as well as the name of the color. Tse give the opportunity to independently pick up these different beads, as they suit you more. In addition, for the skin color in the scheme, the necessary quantity of beads in grams is given.

The little one is bright and clear, for the rahuk of which the robot with the scheme brought one satisfaction.

Embroidery technique: curvilinear.

P.S. Beads are not completed.

At your request, our managers can complete the scheme with the necessary beads.

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