Purring trio

Purring trio

Size:26x28 cm
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Purring trio. Type for embroidering with a cross - an inconspicuous plot, which does not take a lot of time, but brings a sense of lightness and high spirits.

A murmuring trio of light of the possibilities of completing with the necessary materials: a combined scheme; instruction; neck; 14 canvas Aida with a small print; floss Peri.

Regardless of the apparently non-trivial lines of work, the Ukrainian company Light of Opportunities has already become well known to needlewomen. The main feature of the collections of the World of Possibilities are those that mainly stink on canvas of 14 and 16 counts, but on embroidery stands, which is important to hang on fine canvas. With this, the schemes are effectively implemented, smooth transitions of tones and balanced colors of plots help to create bright and beautiful robots, which will be more beautiful in a decorated look practical in any interior.

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