Size:24x31 cm
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Tela Artis (Tela Artis) - one of the famous manufacturers of goods for embroidery among Ukrainian craftswomen. Employees of the company choose the highest quality materials, and vivid, impressive stories from this manufacturer are worked out to the smallest detail.

Such a picture of Boho. This kit for embroidery with beads will delight the eye and will not leave anyone indifferent. Impressive, mesmerizing, skillfully selected scale and attractive pattern, picture.

Together with the Tela Artis set, you will receive an original interior decoration.

The Boho set includes: scheme on gabardine; Czech beads with a stock; beaded needles; instructions for embroidery with beads.

P.S. The set does not come with a baguette and mat - choose them according to your taste!

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