Size:10.5x10.5 cm
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Yalinkova's toy is a decorative element, without which it is impossible to feel holy in winter. Embroidery adds a special atmosphere. Create a Christmas decoration that will become a decoration that does not bloom, in addition to the cursed eggplant toys, and it will delight you for more than one day.

A set of 3D toys on plastic canvas made by TM Koliorova will become an original decoration for the New Year’s Eve until the winter holidays. beads, glass beads and decorative beads Preciosa Ornela (Czech Republic); plastic canvas; DMC floss and thread head; thread and head for beads; additional decor; diagram and explanation.

TM Kolyorova continues to delight with sets of 3D toys on a plastic base, and the sets will not deprive anyone of anyone!

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