Southern charm

Southern charm

Size:18x24 cm
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Kits for embroidery with decorative stitches from the Ukrainian manufacturer Marichka are suitable both for needlewomen who take their first steps in this embroidery technique, and for experienced embroiderers.

Sets from the Ukrainian manufacturer Marichka are equipped with all the necessary materials that will help you create your own masterpiece.

The composition of the southern charm. Set for embroidery with threads (decorative stitches) includes: gabardine fabric with a printed pattern; organizer; floss threads Bestex; embroidery needle; detailed instructions for each seam.

Bestex muline - the perfect balance of price and quality. They are very convenient to work with: when embroidering, the threads do not get tangled and do not tie into knots, which means they do not interfere with the enjoyment of needlework. These are straight and smooth threads of bright and pure colors made of 100% mercerized cotton, distinguished by their softness and beautiful shine.

Detailed instructions will help novice craftswomen easily master the new technique. A wide selection of different plots of kits for embroidery with decorative stitches from Marichka will allow you to replenish your collection with a beautiful picture.

Volumetric, embroidered with decorative seams, paintings will not leave anyone indifferent. With the help of decorative stitches, you can embroider almost any subject. This is such a versatile technique that absolutely any picture will work well with it.

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