Dream about the exit road, 30x44 cm

Dream about the exit road, 30x44 cm

Size:30x44 cm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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Kit for embroidering paintings with beads from TM "AbrisArt". All bases for embroidery are made from a vikoryst natural artistic canvas with a small pattern (pattern) applied, which differentiates this set from any set of other patterns.

The leather kit for embroidery with beads includes: natural artist's canvas with an applied image-scheme; all necessary Preciosa beads (Czech Republic) in stock; Microbiser Preciosa No. 13 - 10 colors; decorative sequins; bead heads, Japanese production and bead thread; reporting instructions.

Size: 30 x 44 cm

Important! The set does not come with a baguette.

Make kits for embroidering pictures with beads from TM "AbrisArt" and create stylish elements for the decor of your interior.

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